Safety Guideline You Should Follow While Using Any Taxi Service During The Pandemic

While the spread of the Coronavirus is affecting the world, many countries have imposed strict guidelines that require to be followed to discontinue the spread. And if you need to travel from one place or city to other, you need to follow a few simple policies to make sure your safety and driver’s safety at all costs. If you have any quires about our reputed taxi in Myniong or simply like to speak with someone in our team, you can call us at any time. Our customer service center is in function round the clock and is ready to assist you with any quires.


Wear Your Masks Properly

 Wearing masks is the first and most compulsory thing that you need to wear while travelling via Taxi in Myrniong, not only you cab driver should also be wearing the mask. After all, the face mask is not an accessory like your bracelet or ring. It is a need of the time and era that can save COVID-19 virus attack. It will be better for you to cancel your cab if your Myrniong Cabs driver is not wearing any mask.

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Use Hand Sanitisers

We all are hearing since the beginning of the spread of the Coronavirus that washing hands and using sanitiser is the best way to stop the spread of the virus after touching anything. Whenever you travel to Myrniong Taxi Service, always carry your hand sanitiser with you and keep using it after few moments. Following this process will help in decreasing the spread of the germs or virus into the cab and taking them with you afterwards.

Following the social distancing and six feet distance from each other in the process to fight against Covid-19 and is the only key to ensure everyone’s safety. Every Taxi Service in Myrniong recommends their every passenger avoid sitting on the front seat in order to maintain the desire distance between the driver and the customers. So try sitting in the backseat of the cab whenever you hire any taxi on rent.

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Try to handle your luggage

It is beneficial to get helping hands for your heavy luggage, but it is better to handle by yourself or load it in the cab during this time of pandemic to decrease the danger of contact for both you and your driver. Try carrying less luggage, so you don’t have to expose your extra luggage unnecessarily to places containing viruses and germs. If you are feeling a little unhealthy or sick, avoid travelling by cab and prefer to travel by your private vehicle.


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