Safety Tips from Experts to Be Followed By Travelers

Check meter and sit in the back seat: Every genuine taxi in Gordon holds a license, and a cab driver’s vehicle is equipped with a meter, radio, and GPS. All the Gordon Taxi Service drivers are required to carry and display their ID badges in the vehicle. If you somehow don’t find any of these items, it is recommended not to sit in that taxi. And it is better if you sit in the backseat because you are less visible; sitting in the middle of the backseat also puts you farther out of reach. Less accessible you are, fewer chances of getting targeted.

Never hire a taxi alone if you are drunk: If you are returning from a party or restaurant and had drunk too much, then it may not be the right decision to hire a Taxi in Gordon if you are alone. The extra consumption of alcohol may put you to sleep while riding in Gordon Cabs or may put you in a semi-conscious state. Due to it, you may not be in a great position to defend yourself from the rogue driver or anyone else who wants to harm you. Many riders face circumstances like snatching, rape, robbery, and murder after getting into a taxi when they are highly drunk.

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Why Keep Expensive Items Hidden?

Keep expensive items hidden: Every item you holding may be the next target of any thief when you are waiting for the taxi, you may think that you can save your things, but all thieves need 20 seconds at the next stoplight to snatch your expensive and take it. Always store your mobile phones, cameras in your bags and zip them. Always carry or keep your purse or bag close to you or hidden down on the floor between your feet where they are hard to see and reach.

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Why ride with windows closed ?

Ride with windows closed: Professional thieves are always looking for easy targets; thus, by taking simple precautions, you can save yourself from becoming an easy target. Always keep the window rolled up while using a Taxi Service in Gordon, it looks like a very unnecessary thing to follow, but from a thieves’ point of view, every next stop within the route can be a great opportunity for them to reach in. You can always roll a little window down when you are perhaps on the highway and away from the stoplights.


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